Rock Springs Sweetwater County Airport Instrument Landing System Saved

July 10, 2015

ROCK SPRINGS, WY ─ The Rock Springs Sweetwater County Airport (RKS) is pleased to announce that the airport’s only Instrument Landing System (ILS) has been saved from decommissioning by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) through a very proactive campaign launched by the Rock Springs Sweetwater County Airport Board.

In April 2015, the Airport was notified of an Aeronautical Study being launched by the FAA to investigate the feasibility of decommissioning one of two key components to the airport’s ILS; the glideslope. This move was predicated by the continued growth of the FAA’s NextGen Air Transportation System that relies on Satellite based navigation systems versus the legacy ground based systems like the Instrument Landing System.

RKS is fortunate enough to have one of the new Satellite based approaches called a RNAV GPS approach. Unfortunately, the cost ($3,000 – 10,000 per aircraft) has kept many aircraft owners/operators from being able to equip their fleet with the technology necessary to utilize this NextGen system. Therefore, had the airport been unsuccessful in its efforts to save the ILS, the airport and local community would have realized a significant negative impact through cut flights, reduced cargo operations, and increased aircraft charter costs.

With the support of Senator Enzi, Senator Barrasso, and Congresswoman Lummis as well as many members of the aviation community including but not limited to Allegiant Air, Key Lime Air, Corporate Air, Air Med, ExpressJet, Ameriflight, and Premier Bone & Joint Centers the airport was successful in saving the glideslope from decommissioning and therefore maintaining the safety of the airport for the flying public for many years to come.